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Align and Deliver Value

A single workspace for connecting strategy, discovery, and delivery –– visually

For product and go-to-market teams –– Effective separately, unstoppable together

Vistaly Smart Tree Editor

One map that tells the connected story

Documents are great for details but struggle with context. Spend less time managing links and searching for documents. Share more information at a higher level – dive deeper where it matters.

Vistaly is our shared artifact for strategy and goals. It’s easily accessible, navigable, and visualizes our hierarchy of goals. A significant improvement over a shared artifact like a Google/O365 doc where everything is bullet points or headers.

Head of Technology @ BlueStone Analytics

Vistaly breaks down a complex process that product managers go through into small digestible pieces and shows the connections of how they impact one another.

Lead Product Manager @ Koa Health

Vistaly connects the why behind what we’re doing back to both a business and customer outcome. Before Vistaly, I used to patch together this information using tools like Miro (highly visual, low information) and documentation tools like Confluence.

Senior Product Manager @ CACI

Understand the "Why?"

  • No matter what you're working on (strategy, discovery, or delivery), see everything that's relevant.
  • The full story in one click.

Zoom in and out like a pro

  • The visual map provides the context –– each card provides the detail.
  • Reference whiteboards, documents, issue trackers, and more inside each card.

Speak the same language

  • Align conversations and identify gaps at the right "level".
  • One dynamic workspace that visually connects strategy, discovery, and delivery.

KPIs & goals that create focus –– not overhead.

When goal-tracking tools don't help get work done, they get in the way. Don't just check a box – use your data to create real focus.

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I used Vistaly for the first time in a meeting on Monday, and it went great. We started with our project vision and OKRs. Then, we looked at how a list of potential solutions ladders up to them visually. Stakeholders could see the outcomes of the solutions rather than focusing on the solutions themselves.

Product Designer @ The Times

I love how Vistaly keeps myself and the team focused on the company's goals and delivering real customer value by quickly visualizing all the connections.

Lead Product Manager @ Stream Sage

We used Vistaly for our strategic roadmap review session today! It's awesome for reminding everyone of the context and connecting features to pain points, all the way back to our big goals.

VP of Product Marketing @ MetalSoft

Iterate with confidence.

  • Watch metrics move and keep focused on what matters most.
  • Connect KPIs and discover opportunities to create value (KPI Trees / North Star Metrics / Impact Maps)

Deliver outcomes – not just features

  • Roadmaps created and connected to a strategy –– that really should be a given, and now it is.
  • For teams sick of hearing "why are we doing that?" Help go-to-market teams understand "the why" so they can do their jobs.

Engage stakeholders

  • Give stakeholders what they really need – i.e., more than a project name and a list of features.
  • Collect better feedback and make better decisions by sharing targeted portions of a workspace.
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Visual like a whiteboard, organized like a database

Whiteboards are great for brainstorming but unmanageable for anything you want to build upon. There's a better way.

From a messy whiteboard to a structured Vistaly workspace.

With Vistaly, we structure, model, and visualise how the outcome, discovery, and delivery spaces connect. I’ve done this in Miro, which is great for brainstorming, but those whiteboards don’t easily live beyond that, especially beyond a certain size of mapping.

Senior Product Manager @ Cera Care

I tried out Miro, Whimsical, and Delibr before Vistaly. The overhead of maintaining the tree on other solutions made it harder than it was worth. Vistaly is better for mapping strategy to execution without the overhead.

Lead Product Manager @ Pinwheel

Our team builds Opportunity Solution Trees, and we used to use Miro for them. Miro is great for things that live for a day, but over time it became unmanageable. Every time I added an insight or opportunity, I would end up spending five minutes rearranging all of my cards and connecting insights. It was insane, and we needed a better solution – we went with Vistaly.

AI Researcher @ Rossum

More information – less work.

  • Smarter cards that are more than pixels on a screen.
  • Auto spacing, auto-linking, managed history.

Rise above the noise

  • Hide, archive, and filter cards to focus on what's important.
  • Everything in one space without chaos.

No more copy-paste

  • Build a roadmap, understand decisions, and track what's next without duplicating data.
  • Smart views to match each job, unlike a one-size-fits-all whiteboard.
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Keeping your most sensitive data safe

  • SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant – Monitored by Vanta
  • Single sign-on (SSO, Google) and Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support
  • Full data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Auto-scaling and cloud-hosted
  • Enterprise Ready

Vistaly works where you work

Provide the missing context of your strategy to the tools you already use.

Push insights from anywhere

Push and link insights from your favorite tools using the Chrome browser extension.

Hear what experts have to say

Jeff Gothelf

Vistaly simplifies the process of getting from problem to hypothesis to experiment to shipped feature, ensuring you spend the most time on the solutions most likely to succeed.

Coach, Speaker, Author (Lean UX and more) @

Sam McAfee

Vistaly is great for seeing which opportunities and solutions tie to which OKRs. Then, I can pivot the whole view into a Kanban board view to share at meetings and track work. Way better than doing this in a Google Doc.

Founder and Managing Director @

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A single workspace for connecting strategy, discovery, and delivery –– visually

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